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P L A Y E R;
AGE: Long since out of college
CONTACT: ClaireKi77y on Plurk

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Syeira
CANON: Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn (Forgotten Realms setting)
POINT IN CANON: End of the game, prior to Throne of Bhaal
AGE: Unknown exactly. Somewhere between 20-23 now.
Syeira is just barely 5’5”. Her eyes are a teal green, and her hair is a mass of wild curls, the color of freshly spilled blood. She is half-elven by way of Faerunian elves, so she looks like a physical mix of both human and elf. Her ears are pointed but delicately, her eyes turn up just slightly, and her body weighs less than it should for a woman of her build and height, putting her actual weight around 90-100 lbs when she appears she ought to be around 140. She is physically hardier than humans, resistant to disease, and has a longer life span.

"The Lord of Murder shall perish, but in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny. Chaos will be sewn from their passage." -The Prophet Alaundo

Wiki page

Baldur’s Gate I
Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

Throne of Bhaal

The God Bhaal

Syeira’s path is that of a neutral good, bard bhaalspawn. Which means she has been gifted the Five Flagon’s Inn Playhouse from Raelis Shai.

Player choice decisions:
-did not romance the only companion that showed an interest.
-did free the slaves at the Copper Coronet
-did kill Maevar for the Shadow Thieves
-did not accept help from Bodhi because she was very creepy
-accepted Saemon Haverian's help getting out of Spellhold
-supported Prince Villynaty's coup of the underwater Sahuagin City
-disbanded the Cult of the Unseeing Eye, returned the Rift Device
-helped the Silver Dragon recover her clutch in the Underdark
-helped Solaufein fake his death and escape the Underdark
-100% betrayed Phaere and her mother to Lolth's handmaiden.
-has not willingly transformed into the Slayer
-saved everyone who could possibly be saved, avoided killing whenever possible
-final party at the end of the game: Haer'Dalis, Minsc, Nalia, Imoen, Viconia

"You seem to make a career out of liberating birds from their cages."- Haer'dalis

Syeira has a hero complex. It began when she turned twenty and her adoptive father, Gorion, tried to sneak her out of their fortress home of Candlekeep for her own safety. They were ambushed and Gorion was slain by her (later revealed) half-brother Sarevok, while she ran and hid in the woods. Despite the fact that this was what her father had ordered her to do, she forever felt responsible for his death, and guilty for not having tried to save him. Thus, she quite literally tries to save everyone she comes across that is in need.

This can be a terrible and wonderful quality. And her constantly growing and changing traveling companions are an example of her refusal to judge books by their covers, or occasionally, even some of their content. She has been known to travel with Evil aligned folk, including a Thayvian Wizard and a Drow Cleric, despite their demands to do something less than scrupulous every now and again. She disdains hypocrisy, and will never turn her back on someone asking for her help, even if she feels apprehension about the supplicant. She feels that just because someone is shady, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad. And conversely, has learned that just because someone is friendly and jovial, does not mean that they are good.

Though she has a desire to save as many people as she’s able, she also has a strong survival instinct. She won’t abandon people to their fate, but she also won’t blindly walk into a situation without first getting as many details as she’s able. She has a habit of saying ‘yes’ first to a request for help, then second guessing herself when things don’t seem quite right. She’s very reliant on her friends’ advice in this sort of instance, but occasionally she’ll ignore nay saying and follow her gut.

Unfortunately, her gut isn’t always the wisest thing to follow. Syeira is a Child of Bhaal and with that comes inherent disadvantages, primarily the Taint in her blood. The Taint is the very essence of Bhaal that flows through her veins, and always it tries to influence her actions. When angry, she can escalate to violence more quickly than most would think, judging by her usual helpful and kind demeanor. And it is far more difficult for her to calm after a battle is over. Her blood always calls to her to kill, to wash herself in blood until no living thing stands in her way.

She doesn’t often talk about the Taint, but she’ll always answer questions if asked about it. Partly, because she is just as curious about her heritage as anyone else might be. Talking about it is a means of exploring her experiences and coming to a greater understanding of both who, and what, she is. She also dislikes lying to anyone traveling by her side. She feels that if they are willing to follow her lead, then the least she can do is be open with them about exactly what leads them.

Syeira is somewhat of an insomniac, as she has nightmares quite often. These nightmares are unlike regular bad dreams. They are very often the Taint within her trying to draw her into giving into it, and becoming a ruthless killing machine. There have been times when her Soul has come to speak to her in dreams, and help to fight off the Taint’s influence. In any instance, when she wakes, it is often gasping in fear, if not outright screaming. And the thing she is afraid of is herself.

As stated before, she likes to be of service to people in need. She doesn’t really know what to do with herself when she’s not on some quest or another, and will seek out things to do for people. She doesn’t really know what it means to just relax, and fills idle time with anything she can think of. If she can’t find someone with a task for her, she’ll busy herself with music, or writing. But in the end, she’s a restless thing, and always has been.

Then, of course, she is only twenty-one years old, and spent a great deal of her life being very sheltered from the outside world. So being stuck in one place tends to grate on her. She is young, and impetuous and despite the incredibly hard lessons of reality she’s learned in only a year and change, she’s still naive to a point. She trusts firsts and asks questions later. She always puts the concerns and welfare of others, before her own, sometimes to the point of detriment to herself. She isn’t cagey or coy by default, and has a habit of being overly giving of herself. She’s the very model of the phrase ‘once bitten, twice shy’.

Because she wants very desperately to be a real hero. She wants for people to look at her and smile, say her name with admiration, instead of instant fear. If she can earn that, then perhaps Gorion did not die in vain. Then she can look herself in the mirror and think that she is worthy of his sacrifice, and that she hasn’t disappointed him.

It's a lofty goal, and her climb is steep. It's not as though she can begin with a clean slate like any normal person. From the moment she was born, the deck was stacked against her. She was born with a specific purpose, to be fuel to revive her dead father. And though Gorion was trying to do right by her, even his raising her locked away from the world, and from herself, was a way of manipulating her. While she understands it, she does find herself, at times resenting it. Not merely Gorion's protectiveness of her, which was extreme, as he did not even trust her to know the truth, even when her life was in danger, but of her birth father's intended use for her, and all her siblings.

No matter where she goes, the Taint of her heritage walks with her. It proceeds her, surrounds her and follows in her wake. As good as she wants to be, death is almost always inevitable when around her. Either she will kill you, kill someone for you, or you will kill with her. Perhaps not always directly either. It's a terrible weight to carry around, and she has wished, more than once, that she could just walk away from it all. She didn't ask to be born Bhaal's child, and she never wanted her so-called destiny. She resists the call of the Taint with everything she has, doing her best to turn the hateful reality of what she is, into something positive. What better way to spit in Bhaal's eye than to do good things with her life?

However, despite her determination to change her stars, the fact remains that she walks with death every day. People have died simply because they traveled with her, and those deaths weigh on her heavily. She cannot survive on her own, even a Bhaalspawn has their limits, and she quite honestly craves companionship. She has a habit of pulling people into her circle who are in someway lost and looking for direction. They range from pure and innocent to jaded and evil. But they're all looking for something the same as she is. A place to be themselves with someone who will look past what is on the surface. She sees a little of herself in all her friends, which account for the often motley assortment of them.

But she has failed to always keep these people safe. She's gotten more than one of them killed for no reason other than they were with her at the wrong time. They've been tortured, hunted, and murdered, and far too often she has been powerless to stop it. It's something she deeply resents. She is the child of a god, with extraordinary powers, but what she is ultimately good at is killing people, not saving them.

It's a heavy weight in the back of her mind. The doubt in herself is something she struggles not to acknowledge on a daily basis. That nagging voice that sounds far too much like her own, and not nearly enough like the Taint so she can dismiss it, warns her that she is just fooling herself. Her destiny is already set and she's merely delaying the inevitable. Or worse, playing right into the hands of Fate. And because this doubt is always with her, she strives ever harder to prove it wrong.

Despite this horrible reality, she still seeks out companionship. More than that, she looks for friendship. Aside from her sister, Imoen, who is an exception to the rule, Syeira has shown to be unique among her kin in looking for that permanent connection with those she meets. Her brother Sarevok held his lust for power higher than his value of others, and even felt that someone he was involved with was expendable, if it meant reaching his goal of godhood. Syeira is the opposite. As much as she's always know she wasn't meant for a simple life, she has never lost sight of the value of others.

If anything, her experiences with her half-brother have reaffirmed in her the need for others. Being alone inside her own head is a dangerous thing, and the outside influence of those she trusts are what help her maintain her sanity. When she lost her soul, it was only the presence of her friends that kept her from falling victim to the call of her blood. Her friends are her voices of reason, her tether to her own humanity. They keep her humble, as well as sane.

Syeira spent nearly two years on the Space Reality TV show called The Drift Fleet. She lived in relative peace for the first time in years. She made friends and enjoyed the luxuries of normalcy, making several deep emotional attachments to several other members of the Fleet, coming to think of them as family. During that time she willingly transformed into The Slayer to kill a beast that looked like some type of dragon (a T-Rex) that would have killed her and her friends, as they were unarmed at the time. She died from overexposure to her Slayer form, witnessed by Maglor Feanorian, Finrod Felagund and Arthur (Inception). She was revived by Atroma, and she experienced some kind of deep vivid occurrence that she cannot quite recall, but can only be sure that it was dark and evil. She now occasionally has nightmares about it, but cannot describe her dreams afterwards with any clarity.

After her revival, she and Arthur confessed feelings for one another, and became lovers, first emotionally, then eventually physically. Arthur discussed with her the possibility of dream sharing, to attempt to help her with her nightmares, both generated by her death and the ones from the Taint of Bhaal inside of her. They managed to acquire a PASIV, a device needed to allow people to dream share, but shortly after were either pulled or ejected from the Fleet.

Half-elven racial abilities
Infravision/Low-light vision
Immunity to Sleep spells and Charm spells
Elven Blood- Any effect that targets specific races treats her as an elf.

Bardic abilities
Bardic Music
Bardic Knowledge -this ability only applies to knowledge she might already possess
Inspire Courage -this has varying levels of effectiveness, and will only be listed here once.
Inspire Competence
Inspire Greatness
Inspire Heroics
Mass Suggestion

Bardic Spells
Level 0 spells:
Know Direction
Dancing Lights
Summon Instrument

Level 1 spells:
Cure Light Wounds
Feather Fall
Charm Person

Level 2 spells:
Cure Moderate Wounds
Delay Poison
Sound Burst

Level 3 spells:
Phantom Steed
Tiny Hut
Dispel Magic

Level 4 spells:
Freedom of Movement
Repel Vermin
Speak with Plants
Zone of Silence

Level 5 spells:
Shadow Walk
Song of Discord

Level 6 spells:
Animate Objects
Irresistible Dance

Class Skills -while some of the following may seem innocuous or skills anyone ought to possess (i.e. “Jump”, “Hide”, “Balance”), they are listed here because she has practiced these skill sets, and has become more than a novice at them.

Move Silently
Sense Motive
Sleight of Hand

Bhaalspawn abilities
Bloodlust- Syeira has a history of being a more vicious and deadly fighter than a bard ought to be. This is due to her nature as a bhaalspawn being triggered by the spilling of blood. It causes her to be far more proficient in battle, and more likely to kill opponents that might out class her in size/armor/strength and so on. She has a difficult time calming down once a battle has ended. The more blood that is shed, the harder it is for her to soothe the bloodlust.

Slayer Form - an avatar of Bhaal. While in the actual Forgotten Realms D&D setting, the Slayer is a corpse-esque looking humanoid form, in the game of Baldur's Gate, the Slayer form looks more like the Ravager form and functions accordingly. This form can be triggered voluntarily, or in cases of extreme duress, can happen involuntarily. Extreme duress has so far been seen to be an onset of uncontrollable bloodlust, or overwhelming rage. The first warning sign that she is in danger of transforming is her eyes will begin to glow yellow. Like her brother Sarevok, the glow shows up when the Taint of Bhaal is growing strong within her blood.

With the effects of the Ascension Mod, there is the potential for the Slayer form to grow more powerful with practice, lasting longer, and becoming physically stronger.

Melodic Chain
Boots of Speed -these boots do not make her superhumanly fast, but allow her to ignore things that would slow movements, as well as move at a quick walk/jog pace without tiring.
Nymph Cloak
A comb of green and white cut glass beads that look like flowers
A simple gold chain necklace with a pearl
Two short swords in a sword belt.

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? Syeira blushes very easily. Extremely easily. And often. If you flatter her in anyway, she will blush. Please get used to seeing it in the text early and often. She is slightly claustrophobic. She speaks Common, passable Elvish (Espruar), ASL (taught to her in Drift Fleet), and is fluent in Deep Drow, High Drow, and Drow Sign, thanks to a Silver Dragon, and a few words in Quenya (taught in Drift Fleet).

M A R K S;
Strength - Syeira values a great deal of these qualities. Offering kindness and gentleness to others is her very first instinct. While self-control, discipline, and inner strength are qualities she calls on to remain who she is, rather than giving in to the dark Taint within her.

Tower - alternately these qualities encompass a lot of her life path and experience. Chaos is said to follow wherever she goes. Her life tends to be a series of unexpected, abrupt, and unhappy discoveries and experiences. The Slayer itself is an explosive transformation, that can result from extreme duress, or a choice, if she were to fall so far.

Judgement - the Taint could easily be considered a destined path for her, or a path she’s destined to resist. She holds a lot of guilt over people who died for and because of her, and she constantly seeks to find redemption for those deaths. Even if they aren’t wholly her fault.

Moon - she is always a bit afraid of herself, her ability to contain her Taint. She dreams of a life without it, even if it seems unrealistic. She’s also a bard, and artistry lends her to a more romantic view of how things should be, as well as a flair for the fantastic.

Sun - her overall outward approach to people is to be kind, positive, and non-judgmental. While not innocent any longer, she holds onto ideals from her innocence, searching for the good in others. She’ll give all her enthusiasm to life and living, and finds joy in simple things, and seeks to spread that joy when she can.

Fool - she is very open, reckless with her willingness to help and to accept. She can literally know someone is not a good person, and still offer her back to them. She thinks that she has to give people the opportunity to choose the right thing, rather than condemn them continuously for past actions. She has had companions who were clearly up to something, and she refused to turn on them. Yoshimo.


S A M P L E S;
ACTIONSPAM SAMPLE: Sample 1 Sample 2

The comb is a cheap trinket, made of glass cut beads and thin metal. It’s pretty, but not valuable, with it’s green leaf design, with white flowers. It’s a small thing, fitting into her palm. Insignificant, yet it causes her such hurt to look at it.

She really should be used to pain by now. Loss has been part of her life for...four years now. Four years, it seems so short. And yet, to look back on all that she’s seen and done, all that’s been done to her, she can see the time stretching out, thin and long. Simplicity and innocence were centuries ago, in the space of four years.

She sometimes forgets how young she is, with all that’s come and gone. So many people she loves, eternally out of her reach. Even those who she knows, likely, aren’t dead, who live on, she feels the loss of them as keenly as having watched them perish. Knowing you may never see someone again hurts, regardless of whether they live on or not.

She rubs her thumb over a clear flower shape, and thinks of the skull faced young man who’d bought this for her. She thinks of his brother, in spirit if not in blood, who had been jealous of her friendship with the slightly older man, at first. After the loss of Zhas, she and Coil had grown close, depending on one another. They had both become like brothers to her. She thinks of her adoptive elven family; Maglor, Finrod, Maitimo, and their extended group. She worries for them, hoping they’ll be safe, knowing they won’t be, if they ever make it home.

Her vision blurs with the welling of tears, the comb becoming nothing more than a smear of green color in her hand. Grief grips her heart like a fist, and squeezes. It weighs her down, making her feel heavy and worn, old. Because grief leads to grief, the door of memory and regret flings wide open. Her mind conjures up faces; Gorion, Khalid, Dynaheir, Yoshimo, all dead because of her. And everyone else she loves; Imoen, Haer’Dalis, Viconia, Minsc and Boo, Jaheira, Zhas, Coil, Maglor, Finrod, Beverly, Belthazar and on and on. Her face grows wet, and it’s harder to breathe through her nose.

She gives herself only a moment or two, before she sniffles back the tears. She swipes at her face, tilting her head back to help clear her airways. Blinking, she begins to see normally again. She breathes; it’s better. Crying never helped anyone. She lifts the comb to her lips, pressing a little kiss to it. She’ll remember them, it’s all she can do.
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