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• Syeira
ALIAS: Gorion's Ward, Bhaalspawn, God Child, Hero of Baldur's Gate, Hero of Trademeet
AGE: around 21 or 22
SPECIES: Half-elven Bhaalspawn
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Predominantly straight

CANON: Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn
CANON POINT: End of the game, prior to Throne of Bhaal
HISTORY: Wiki page

Baldur’s Gate I
Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

Throne of Bhaal

The God Bhaal

Syeira’s path is that of a neutral good, bard bhaalspawn. Which means she has been gifted the Five Flagon’s Inn Playhouse from Raelis Shai.

Player choice decisions:
-did not romance the only companion that showed an interest.
-did free the slaves at the Copper Cornet
-did kill Maevar for the Shadow Thieves
-did not accept help from Bodhi because she was very creepy
-accepted Saemon Haverian's help getting out of Spellhold
-supported Prince Villynaty's coup of the underwater Sahuagin City
-disbanded the Cult of the Unseeing Eye, returned the Rift Device
-helped the Silver Dragon recover her clutch in the Underdark
-helped Solaufein fake his death and escape the Underdark
-100% betrayed Phaere and her mother to Lolth's handmaiden.
-has not willingly transformed into the Slayer
-saved everyone who could possibly be saved, avoided killing whenever possible
-final party at the end of the game: Haer'Dalis, Minsc, Nalia, Imoen, Viconia

PAST GAME HISTORY: After defeating Irenicus, returning from Hell, with her soul in tact, she was abducted by the strange group known only as Atroma, to participate in their 'reality show', the Drift Fleet. There she made several close, and dear friends, coming to view two of her crew mates (Zhas, a vampire hunter, and Coil a necromancer) as brothers. During her time there, she met Arthur Hall, who became another close friend, whom she confided in. While taking a holiday on a planet, she, Arthur, and two other companions, Finrod and Maglor, were attacked by a wingless, fireless, dragon (T-Rex). When Finrod attempted to sacrifice himself to save the group, Syeira intervened, transforming into the Slayer avatar. Spending too much time in the form drained her life energy, however, and though she killed the creature, she perished, her body dissolving into golden dust.

Atroma, however, was able to circumvent Syeira's fate, and brought her back to life, somehow. She spent a month, delirious, sick, and weak, before being able to truly get back on her feet. She continues to have unsettling dreams about a dark being, that was present while she was dead. She cannot recall any details, only that it was very evil. After her recovery, Arthur confessed feelings for her and they had a 'date', which lead to a romantic involvement.

She and Arthur were again yanked from their makeshift home, and ended up in Synodiporia for a brief spell. Syeira got to reunite with an old "friend" from home, as well as meet her childhood idol and occasional adventuring partner, Drizzt, though the latter was not old enough to know her.


Half-elven racial abilities
Infravision/Low-light vision
Immunity to Sleep spells and Charm spells
Elven Blood- Any effect that targets specific races treats her as an elf.

Bardic abilities
Bardic Music
Bardic Knowledge -this ability only applies to knowledge she might already possess, and so to begin with, she will not be able to apply this to anything about Avalon or it’s residents.
Inspire Courage -this has varying levels of effectiveness, and will only be listed here once.
Inspire Competence
Inspire Greatness
Inspire Heroics
Mass Suggestion

Bardic Spells
Level 0 spells:
Know Direction
Dancing Lights
Summon Instrument

Level 1 spells:
Cure Light Wounds
Feather Fall
Charm Person

Level 2 spells:
Cure Moderate Wounds
Delay Poison
Sound Burst

Level 3 spells:
Phantom Steed
Tiny Hut
Dispel Magic

Level 4 spells:
Freedom of Movement
Repel Vermin
Speak with Plants
Zone of Silence

Level 5 spells:
Shadow Walk
Song of Discord

Level 6 spells:
Animate Objects
Irresistible Dance

Class Skills -while some of the following may seem innocuous or skills anyone ought to possess (i.e. “Jump”, “Hide”, “Balance”), they are listed here because she has practiced these skill sets, and has become more than a novice at them.

Move Silently
Sense Motive
Sleight of Hand

Bhaalspawn abilities
Bloodlust- Syeira has a history of being a more vicious and deadly fighter than a bard ought to be. This is due to her nature as a bhaalspawn being triggered by the spilling of blood. It causes her to be far more proficient in battle, and more likely to kill opponents that might out class her in size/armor/strength and so on. She has a difficult time calming down once a battle has ended. The more blood that is shed, the harder it is for her to soothe the bloodlust.

Slayer Form - an avatar of Bhaal. While in the actual Forgotten Realms D&D setting, the Slayer is a corpse-esque looking humanoid form, in the game of Baldur's Gate, the Slayer form looks more like the Ravager form and functions accordingly. This form can be triggered voluntarily, or in cases of extreme duress, can happen involuntarily. Extreme duress has so far been seen to be an onset of uncontrollable bloodlust, or overwhelming rage. The first warning sign that she is in danger of transforming is her eyes will begin to glow yellow. Like her brother Sarevok, the glow shows up when the Taint of Bhaal is growing strong within her blood.

With the effects of the Ascension Mod, there is the potential for the Slayer form to grow more powerful with practice, lasting longer, and becoming physically stronger.

Melodic Chain
Boots of Speed -these boots do not make her superhumanly fast, but allow her to ignore things that would slow movements, as well as move at a quick walk/jog pace without tiring. She is considered Hasted at all times while they are on.
Nymph Cloak
A comb of green and white cut glass beads that look like flowers
A simple gold chain necklace with a pearl
The Blade of Roses
The Sword of Flame
Bag of Holding The bag of holding contains a lot of STUFF. Books, a bunch of useless keys, piles of basic weapons that aren't worth anything, letters and notes, enchanted stones that don't have any effect on anything in Avalon, wooden stakes, holy water, a bit of red cloth, bits and pieces of weapons that she never found the other parts for, a talking sword, several spell scrolls, and more. (if you want me to list everything, omg. But I will.)


-Mind Reading is fine, but the presence of Bhaal is generally not detectable while she is awake.
-She is both mortal and Divine, as her soul hold her divinity. Her blood contains the Taint. It is not impossible to remove, but enormously difficult and requires god level powers to do so.
-She doesn't remember much of her childhood before her approximate age of 3.
-She has a magical memory block for a few month period of time, when she was abducted by Irenicus. Attempting to remember anything from that time causes her excruciating pain.


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